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Betrue sponsored Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to feature a 4-week piano concerto concert series “ Betrue Russian Romantic Music Festival”, featuring world reowned British pianist Peter  Donohoe.

Betrue’s advertising campaign –“YOYO/BIRD/ARMSTRONG/HOWLING” won bronze medal in the New York Festival & Hong Kong 4AS Creative Awards

Invited by Guangzhou TV station, Mr.Kenneth Yun co-hosted a weekly lifestyle TV programme “Vogue” (今日時尚) for more than a year and later Guangdong People Radio Station, covering more than 30 million audiences.

Music Pre-screening in Valais – Sun Hung Kai Properties invited Mr. Kenneth Yun to hold an outdoor music appreciation concert to celebrate the newly opened Valais.

Music Appreciation in Valais – Sun Hung Kai Properties invited Kenneth Yun to hold another outdoor music appreciation concert due to the amount of requests from the previous successful event.

SINO x Betrue “Prelude of Music Appreciation” – in order to honour Mr. Kenneth Yun for his collaboration, Sino Group has invited him to hold Music Appreciation concerts in many residential clubhouses.

Betrue was commissioned by Hong Kong Airport authority to organize the first “Airport Prom 2015” – a six-day live music concert by a diversified combination of local musicians from different genres & organizations.

                                                                        1992                                                                                                                              2012                                    2013                                                                                 2015

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